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All sites developed by me - most are designed by me.
EasyPay Blog
vFischer Investas
Apsara Store
the JOAT
Agha Juice
Agha Juice
Smartlands MediaKit
Smartlands MediaKit
Glucose Guards
Glucose Guards
Direct Employers Institute
Direct Employers Institute
Live Eat Local
Prestige & Elite
Prestige and Elite
Green Sales Inc
SouthEnd Buttery
Southend Buttery
Technical Solutions
Technical Solutions

References // Testimonials

Yuri is my nickname, as it's easier than Yaroslav
Yuri enabled us to achieve our sales and marketing goals ahead of schedule. His design skills, ability to listen and then develop our website into a marketing showpiece exceeded our expectations!
Jeff Kibbie
As a business owner, one of my biggest accomplishments was to succeed in my field as a high-end auto detailer. Working with High End Autos, it takes more than just good. It requires excellence in everything. Yuri has delivered an excellent website. See for yourself!
Dave Gallagher
I’ve been working with Yuri since 2009. He takes the time to listen attentively to our numerous goals, and through his expertise and creativity brings our ideas to life. I wholeheartedly recommend Yuri to anyone seeking web development and design services
Simone Murray
Managing Director
We are extremely grateful to Yuri for their exceptional work in creating our website. His expertise and attention to detail have resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that has significantly enhanced our online presence. We highly recommend Yuri for anyone seeking professional web development services.
Sean White


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