About this page

On this page I post songs that I've made. It helps me organize, share and keep track of what I've created.

what is 3hs?

3HS is my producer/DJ name. In my junior year for typography class I had to design a cd case for a musician using only Helvetica font. I picked myself as the musician and came up with this name. 3HS stands for 3-Handed Sword, I really like these anomaly/absurd type of phrases, this one in particular always boggles my mind. I created it while playing a video game - Lineage II


I create songs purely for my enjoyment. I find a deeper connection with music when I experience it in a first person view. Also creating music digitally requires a scientific approach to sound, which fascinates me on its own.

Besides creativity a big part of creating music are technical skills of whatever medium one might choose to create it with. I'm happy to see myself progress with each song I make in Ableton Live.