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My full name is Yaroslav, but for simplicity people call me Yuri. I take passion in creating digital value of any sort whether it’s website, music, video, photo or collage. I designed my first website sometime in 2007 and never stopped improving since that. I graduated college in 2012 with BA in Web Development and Graphic Design.

I think the best title describing my current occupation would be: Freelance Web and Graphix Ninja. I am proficient at frontend web development (HTML5, CSS3, JS) Adobe Creative Suit (Ps, Ai, ID), Cinema 4D, WordPress, on-page SEO, business photography. Part of my job is meeting new people and getting to know their business and facilitating their thoughts through specifics of web design, which I just love doing.

If you were wondering I’m from Ukraine, not to confuse with Russia. You’re welcome to browse more pages about me.

This is my very first web-site! RIP Comic Sans
Most epic website out there. No kidding! Must see!
History of
Previous version of this website got outdated
Represents my best work yet. Resposive and CMS